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The shipping can be a bit of a pain.  This is run to help Macmillan Cancer Support so I haven't paid out for the whole signing and dancing I'll calculate everything for you shop cause I can't afford it.  Also because most of our suppliers provide a 'drop ship' service postage may need to be charged on each purchased item unlike a bundle of items from the same place.  This is because I live in a very small home and haven't got the room to have stock around me.  I also can afford to shell out for stock that might not sell.  The main thing is if you buy a physical object such as a t shirt or CD you need to pay shipping.  Only choose music download, which is free, if you are purchasing a music download otherwise your order wont get processed.  We've calculated the average price of a parcels and used that for the postage cost depending on the item size and weight.  If you have a query on the cost just email me and i'll double check for you.  cher 'at' thecountryclubbers.co.uk.  I won't bite...promise. :)

If its easier on smaller items such as the wrist bands and badges you can always send a stamped, addressed envelope to me and just Paypal the item cost just email me for the address.

Most of you know this is just little old me trying to keep this all organised so please have patience and thank you soo much for your support.

One love


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