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Serious Sounds EP01



Released April 2017
Genre Trance
Length 2:00:53
Edition date April 2017
Label Safehouse Radio
Tags Trance Hard Trance Safehouse Radio Anima Classic Trance


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Serious Sounds : DJ Anima presents Serious Sounds featuring a multi genre show bringing our listeners some the best in Trance, Hard Trance, Hardstyle and Hard House music every 3rd Saturday from 7pm only on Safehouse Radio. BOOM!


DJ Anima
1. Fausto vs Wragg and Log One - Welcome To Your Nightmare
2. Hennes and Cold - First Session
3. Mad Raver - Antigravity (Louk Remix)
4. db2 - Forget The Past
5. DJ Holocaust - Party People
6. DJ Husband - Opulence
7. ADM - Aliens vs Machines
8. Bulletproof - Mistakes (Nick The Kick and Louk Remix)
9. Nish - Dying For You (Wragg and Log One Remix)
10. Log One and Ben Eye - The Life We Lead
11. Alex Kidd and Dark By Design - Orbiter
12. Uberdruck - Here's Freddy (Original Mix)
13. Locanda and Kuznetsow - Koma
D4RYL - Guest Mix
1. Schwarzende - Abuse (Mental Miracle Mix)
2. P.G.L - Kick It
3. DJ Atmospherik - Will You Remember Me (DJ Spoke vs Vespa 63 Mix)
4. Nick the Kid and Louk - Darkness
5. Marc Dawn - Expander (Flutlicht Remix)
6. Three Kings - Tokyo (Russenmafia Mix) D4RYL Edit
7. Fausto & Tommy Pulse - Melancholika (Log One And Wragg Remix)
8. Phil York & Dark By Design - Electric Caberet (SHOCK:FORCE Remix)
9. Public Domain Soundsystem - Automatic Audio Overload (Sa.Vee.Oh Remix)
10. Mark EG Vs D4RYL - Angels In Ecstasy
11. Geck-e - Soul Train

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