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LCD Sessions 20



Released December 2016
Genre Trance | Psytrance
Length 2:00:37
Edition date December 2016
Tags Trance Safehouse Radio Psytrance Airwave


Airwave : LCD Sessions every first Sat of the month on Safehouse Radio catch up on your fix of psychedelic, progressive and melodic trance beats with "LCD Sessions" hosted by Airwave. Discover some of the great music beyond the standards out there, delivered by one of Trance's oldest pioneers!

Tune in here: or on mobile here


Monojoke Hollow child (Matt Holliday's Deepset Remix)
Leo G Supersonic (Gai Barone's Extended Mix)
Modulo303 From the earth (Original Mix)
Gabriel West & Ricardo Piedra Honey (Original Mix)
Jaia & Pris Stratton Use Your Imagination (Pris Stratton Pleasure Mix)
Blufeld & Dj Fire First Flight To Mars (Original Mix)
Miquel Festia (Pompeiy Remix)
Airwave Pray For Happiness (Original Mix)
Manmademan And All That (Manifestor Remix)
Stephen Kirkwood & 2nd_Phase Steal_This_Track_Original_Mix
Coming Soon Ambitions (Original Mix)
Three Drives Sunset On Ibiza (Original)
Thomas Datt pres. Datticus Infinity Loop (Original Mix)
Sphera We're Burning (Original Mix)
Sabretooth Covering Ground (Original Mix)
Tim Bourne Sages of Sivana (Original Mix)
Christopher Lawrence & No Comment Horizon (Original Mix)

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Mixes: 20
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