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@Trance Elements #05



Released October 2016
Genre Trance
Length 1:01:01
Edition date October 2016
Label Safehouse Radio
Tags Trance Safehouse Radio Aaron Thomas @Trance Elements Trance Elements


Country Club resident Aaron Thomas presents Trance Elements from 8pm - 9pm on the fourth Thursday of every month delivering the full spectrum of Trance including Vocal - Tech Trance editions.


1.Everyone Is Looking For Us (original mix) - Mark Sherry & Alex Di Stefano
3.Tyno (extended mix) - Heatbeat
4.We Burn Like Stars (original mix) - Arctic Moon
5.Access (John Askew remix) - DJ Tim & Misjah
7.Access (John Askew remix) - DJ Tim & Misjah
9.Anodise (original mix) - James Rigby
10.Predator (extended mix) - Standerwick & Chris Schweizer
11.Dark Rising - Richard Durand
12.Awaken (original mix) - Bryan Kearney
13.Napoleon (original mix) - Aly & Fila With Ferry Tayle
14.Fire Glow (original mix) - Allen & Envy

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