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Avin' it LARGE with Cherish Monastery Warm Up 08-2016



Released 2016
Genre Hard House | Hard Dance
Price 0.50 £
Length 1:01:17
Edition date February 2016
Label Safehouse Radio
Tags Hard House Avin' it LARGE The Monastery Safehouse Radio Cherish


Episode 08-2016 Avin' It LARGE with Cherish Monastery Special. Ahead of The Monastery event Friday 4th March 2016.


1.Expression (Signum Remix) Steve Blake
2.Weekend (CJ Stone & George Dee clubbmix) Bad Habit Boys
3.Samsara (Steve Morley remix) Dave Holmes
4.Feels So Good (Original Mix) Jon The Dentist vs Ollie Jaye
5.Black is Black (BK remix) Allnighters
6.Only Me (Stimulant DJ's remix) Hyperlogic
7.Screwdriver (Original mix) Rachel Auburn
8.Nuclear Shower (Original Mix) UK Gold
9.What ya got for me Signum
10.Such A Good Feeling (Barely Legal Remix) Miss Behaving
11.Loveshy (Alex K Remix) Beatplayer & Kristine Blond

For more information please visit the links below:

The Monastery


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