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Avin' it LARGE with Cherish 05-2016



Released February 2016
Genre Trance
Length 2:04:34
Edition date February 2016
Tags Trance Hard Trance Avin' it LARGE Hard Dance Safehouse Radio


Episode 5-2016 'Avin It LARGE with Cherish (2 HOUR MIX) on Safehouse Radio

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1.Liebe (Trance Mix)-Ayla
2.Kingston Kitchen-DJ Passion
3.Mahadeva-Astral Projection feat. DJ Jorg
4.Teleportation (Original mix )-Parker Clind
5.My Dreams Will Come True-Summer Spirit feat. Tatjana
6.Naked Fantasy (DJ Philip remix)-Moon Project
7.Outer Limits (DJ Snowman & DJ Mind X-Remix)-Harem Doctors
8.Dignified (Dj Allan Mcloud Club Mix)-The Highlander
9.Metal Master (Solid Sleep Mix)-Odyssey Of Light
10.Revival-Beatsole & Michael Retouch
11.Passion[Reactivate 14 - Larry The Lobster's Trancetastic Pot Boilers]-Kasai
13.Quantum (Zac Steele remix)-Doc B
14.Tangled Leads-Coms
15.The Truth-Onslow
16.Rave Man (Diego Morrill's Manticore mix)-Alex Phade
17.Scorpius (Original Mix)[Hyper Reality]-Renegade System
18.No Cure (ADM Mix)[Hyper Reality]-Aponaut
19.Fear The Dark (Dark Version) [Hyper Reality]-D10
20.The Evil Within (Original Mix)[GTDigital]-Anima
21.Hydra (Renegade System Remix) [Mental Asylum Records]-Indecent Noise



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