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Leah's Attic Antics with Cherish Sept 2017



Released 2017
Genre Trance
Length 2:00:00
Edition date September 2017
Label Safehouse Radio
Tags Trance Hard Trance Safehouse Radio Cherish Progressive Trance Leah's Attic Antics


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Leah's Attic Antics: Join Leah hosting a Friday night show from 9PM every other week on Safehouse Radio this week featuring guest mix from Safehouse Radio's very own boss bitch Cherish delivering a progression of trance to hard trance including some of the hottest unrealsed tunes. 

This really is an anything goes show so be sure to tune in!!

Tune into Safehouse Radio HERE


01 Aiiso - Cisca (Anjuna Deep)
02 Paul Hawcroft - Evolution (Lost Language)
03 Armin Van Buuren & W & W - If It Ain't Dutch - Shroud Remix (CD-R)
04 Leo Dantes - Yamato (Flashover Trance)
05 S.H.O.K.K - Derecho (Hard Trance Europe)
06 Stella Project - Never Stop (Redux)
07 Shroud - Trancendence (Cohesion)
08 Tilt - Angry Skies - Chris Porter Remix (Lost Language)
09 Kyle Pepper - Short Circuit (Monster Force)
10 Nicholson - Harmonic Connection (Advanced)
11 Soulcatch - Asia (Planet Traxx)
12 Krid P - Follow Me - Paul Hutsch Mix (Alphabet City)
13 Parker & Clind - Cosmos (Bonzai)
14 Roland Klinkenberg - Inner Laugh - Peetu S Mix (Lost Language)
15 Joint Operations Centre - Pathological Effect (Kearnage)
16 Renegade System - Maelstrom (Cohesion)
17 Greg Downey - Vivid Intent - Simon McCann Mix (Discover)
18 Sixth Sense - Distorted Soul (Hard Trance Europe)
19 Kevin Hoskin - Dark Dagger (Discover Dark)
20 Rainer K & Tim Hidgem - Promised Land (Hyper Reality)
21 Giada - Chains (Red Alert)
22 Daniel Doering - Godmode (Hyper Reality)
23 Stomper vs E-Wald - Progressive Offensive (Hot Score)
24 Ben Eye & Log One - Afterglow (German Trance)

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