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Released April 2018
Genre Trance
Length 57:07
Edition date April 2018
Label Safehouse Radio


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Live vocal house mix from Cherish DJ on


1. Mark EG vs Cherish - Moonlight (Original Mix) - Ghostfat Productions
2. Simmetune - Simplify (Original Mix) - Digital Diamonds
3. Woody McBride - Acid Afternoon (Original Mix) - Primate Recordings
4. Alex Q - Collette (Original Mix) - Scrambled Recordings
5. George Acosta feat. Fisher - Love Rain Down On Me (Acosta vs Cueto House On Me Remix) - Songbird
6. DJ Remy - Strobophonic (Original Mix) -Armada Music Bundles
7. D-Nox & Beckers feat. Gabe - Alphavella (Original Mix) Systematic Recordings
8. Yan Oxygen, Joe Mesmar - Plague of Ignorance (Original Mix) - Onh.Cet Records
9. Karol XVII & MB Valance - Into The Sound (Junior Gee Remix) - Kommunity
10. Lilly Ahlberg - Fade (Beats Session remix) - CDeep Music
11. Anie - Jazz Swing (Nicolas Hannig & Adam B Remix) - Wonne Musik

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