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Pure Progressive EP027



Released April 2018
Genre Progressive Trance
Length 2:00:08
Edition date May 2018
Label Safehouse Radio
Tags Safehouse Radio Progressive House Progressive Trance Cliffie ABGT Pure Progressive


Safehouse logo 100px

Pure Progressive : DJ Cliffie joins us with an exclusive bi-weekly residency showcasing the best in Progressive House and Trance.  If you love your ABGT style then you wanna tune in from 7pm on the first, third & fifth Monday of the month.


&ME, Rampa & Adam Port - Muye` (Black Coffee Remix)
Nico Cerban - Sophia (Juan Erbin & QAT Remix)
Brian Boncher - Celestial Blues
Stephane Nadal - Rotate (Dam Thomas Remix)
do Piano - Again (1985 Original Extended Mix)
Graviton - Hiden Path To The Sky
Dezza - Once In A Lifetime (Extended Mix)
Abigail Bailey, Tom & Jerry - Touch Me (Tom Novy & Milkwish Remix)
Sean & Dee - Complete
Žagar - Odd Moments Of Eternity (Nico Pusch Remix)
Dario Dea - Miserere (Simon Doty Remix)
Markeg vs Cherish - Moonlight
Mivase - Hypnotised (Extended Mix)
Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (Orkidea Pure Progressive Mix)
Steve Brian & Emme - Stadium One (Extended Mix)
Estiva x Ruben De Ronde - Rainbow (Extended Mix)
Seven Lions feat. Rico & Miella - Without You My Love (Myon Definitive Mix)
Cosmic Gate, Super8 & Tab - Noom (Estiva Extended Remix)
Roman Hope - Call Me Chony (Original Mix)
Michael Fearon - Mantra (Noise Zoo Remix)
Hyypr - You Are Alive (Original Mix)
ilan Bluestone ft. Giuseppe de Luca - I Believe (Extended Mix)
Alex Sonata - Only One (Extended Mix)
Tomac & Madstation - Breathe (Extended Mix)

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