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Pure Progressive EP030



Released June 2018
Genre Progressive
Length 2:00:00
Edition date June 2018
Label Safehouse Radio
Tags Safehouse Radio Progressive Progressive House Progressive Trance Cliffie ABGT Pure Progressive


Safehouse logo 100px

Pure Progressive : DJ Cliffie joins us with an exclusive bi-weekly residency showcasing the best in Progressive House and Trance.  If you love your ABGT style then you wanna tune in from 7pm on the first, third & fifth Monday of the month.


Spiritchaser - Because I Knew (Spiritchaser Club Mix)
16B - Remember '89 (EP Version)
Thomas Schwartz & Fausto Fanizza - Mbira
Nick Lampos - We Are Here (Instrumental Mix)
Paul Simon - Graceland-MK (KC Lights Remix)
Koelle & Jody Wisternoff & James Grant - On Air (Extended Mix)
Chicane feat. Moya Brennan - Saltwater (Sebastien Extended Remix)
Sound Quelle - Orlaz
Ruben De Ronde x Rodg x Louise Rademakers - Riptide (Solid Stone Extended Remix)
Chicane - A Love Thats Hard To Find (LTN Sunset Remix)
The Disco Evangelists - De Niro (Agoria Rotor Extended Mix)
Sean & Dee, Supacooks - Elephants (Original Mix)
Rudy UK - Spirit (Pysh Remix)
Boss Axis & Hello Machines - Amber
Gabriel & Dresden Ft Josh Gabriel - Over Oceans (Gabriel & Dresden Extended Club Mix)
Spencer Brown - Nightwalk
i_o - Audio Dust
Jorza & Straight Up ft. Lokka Vox - Fearless (Original Mix)
Bedroom Logic & Jeff Ozmits - Inscape (Original Mix)
Leon Lour, Victoria Duffield - All In (Maor Levi Extended Remix)
Fancy Base - At First Glimpse (Original Mix)
Gianmarco Fabbretti - A Strange Day (Original Mix)
Sunny Lax - Adapt Or Die (Extended Mix)
Airborn - Wonderland 2018 (Original Mix)

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Sets: 6
Mixes: 6
VERTASTYLE 1 - 27th Sept 2018 VERTASTYLE 2 - 4th Oct 2018 VERTASTYLE 3 - 11th Oct 2018 VERTASTYLE 4 - 18th Oct 2018 VERTASTYLE 5 - 25th Oct 2018 VERTASTYLE 6 - 1st Nov 2018
Sets: 26
Mixes: 26
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Mixes: 1
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