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Pure Progressive EP09



Released September 2017
Genre Progressive House | Trance | ABGT
Length 2:00:57
Edition date September 2017
Label Safehouse Radio
Tags Safehouse Radio Progressive Progressive House Progressive Trance Cliffie


Safehouse logo 100px

Pure Progressive : DJ Cliffie joins us with an exclusive bi-weekly residency showcasing the best in Progressive House and Trance.  If you love your ABGT style then you wanna tune in from 7pm on the first & third Monday of the month.

Tune into Safehouse Radio HERE


 1. Movement Machina - Only One (Original Mix) (6:20)
 2. Ametrine - Cloud Fortress (8:05)
 3. Myon - Albion (Estiva remix) (6:06)
 4. Vintage & Morelli - Aurora (Original Mix) (7:23)
 5. Solarstone & Oridea - Slowmotion IV (9:21)
 6. Massivedrum - Greece 2K17 (4:56)
 7. Montel - Love In The Blue Zone (8:16)
 8. Fehrplay - Aria (7:10)
 9. Martin Zeidner - Healing Forest (Fiben remix) (6:15)
10.Kolonie - Torn Vision (Original Mix) (6:16)
11.Rolo Green - Napier (6:51)
12.The Midnight - We Move Forward(Talamanca remix) (7:30)
13.Kamil Esten - Bloom (Original Mix) (6:14)
14.Cristina Soto, Noise Zoo - Twister (Extended Mix) (6:56)
15.5alvo, Profetik - Lifestream (Original Mix) (5:37)
16.Peter Kharma - Blade Runner (Slicerboys original mix) (7:06)
17.Levv - Collateral Damage (Noise Zoo Remix) (3:48)
18.Vast Vision - Hello Sunshine (Ander One Remix) (6:00)
19.Quizzow, Paul Arcane - Ethereal (Original Mix) (5:07)
20.AxelPolo - Zodiac (Original Mix) (5:54)
21.Nicola Mmaddaloni - Divenire (Steve Haines remix) (6:43)
22.Beatsole - The Lunar Brook(Original Mix) (7:03)
23.Suoer8 & TAB - Quest (extended mix) (5:09)

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