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Dave Scott LIVE at The Country Club 2014



Released June 2014
Genre Hard Trance
Price 1.00 £
Length 58:40
Edition date June 2014
Label Country Club Recordings
Tags The Legend Lives On The Country Club Hard Trance Macmillan Cancer Support


Dave Scott LIVE set from The Country Club Reunion Macmillan Cancer Support Fundraiser June 2014.

Please give a little...

The purpose of this site is to help Macmillan Cancer Support. We are trying a donate what you can service on most mixes to download. However if no one donates we will start to add a small fee for each mix.  To download all you need to do is become a Country Club Member. Please don't be tight even just £1 will add up if everyone who downloads donates. Thank you.

01. Avatar - Red Planet (Reverb Mix) [Illuminate]
02. Odyssey Of Light - Confusion (Aquaplex Mix) [Axwax]
03. Kessler - Skywalker [Tranzmit]
04. Pulsedriver - Cambodia (Club Mix) [Nothing]
05. Talla 2XLC - Come With Me (Scot Project Mix) [EMI Germany]
06. Junkfood Junkies - The Journey [Dropout]
07. Aquaplex - Force In Your Head [Universal Prime Breaks]
08. Re-Actor - Radio Star (DJ The Crow vs C4 Mix) [Deep Mission]
09. D-Sigual - Back Order [Tracid Traxxx]
10. Soundgrabber - Acidfighter (DJ The Crow Mix) [Pulsive]
11. Nomad - Initiate [Atmosphere Recordings UK]
12. Paul Madox - Endangered (Wragg + Log One Mix) [Tidy]



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