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GT Digital presents The Future of Hard Trance



Released May 2017
Genre Hard Trance
Length 1:27:19
Edition date May 2017
Label GT Digital
Tags Hard Trance GT Digital Safehouse Radio GT Hardtrance Mark EG


Ever since the fantastic #HTM project on Atmosphere Recordings: UK we’ve been wanting to do something similar to help support pushing Hard Trance music moving forward so early last year in association with Safehouse Radio we contacted a set of particular artists about making tracks for an album. Each one of them raised the bar big time even collaborating for us here and there. The results really did blow our mind!


ConnecteD - Valkyria (Original Mix)
Nostic - Dark Energy (Original Mix)
Locanda & Kuznetsow - Ghost & Darkness (Original Mix)
Mindflux - Just Wanna Go Back (Original Mix)
Aponaut - Dream Of Eternity (Original Mix)
Mark EG vs D4RYL - Angels In Ecstasy (Original Mix)
Dean Zone vs The Sixth Sense - My Greatest Creation (Original Mix)
XLS & Cognition - Discovery (Original Mix)
D10 meets The Sixth Sense - (Don't) Stop The Music (No Vox Mix)
DJ W Mistakes (Original Mix)
Busho - Identity Unknown (Original Mix)
Sully - Darkest Night (Original Mix)
Renegade System - Digital Lifeforms (Together In Hard Trance)
Shock:Force - Rebirth (Original Mix)
Blender vs DJ Meke - Last Ravechild (Xavi BCN & DJ Meke Remake)

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