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Hyper Reality Records is a dutch/german label founded in 2014 by Acid Scorpions. Reversed basslines, screaming 303 acidlines and energetic synthwork get a new home. Let´s bring back the old German Hard Trance Sound!

Send us your demo:

We are always pleased to receive new demo tracks. If you feel that the quality of your music is comparable or better than what Hyper Reality Records releases then please send us your demo.

We are looking for German Hard Trance and Acid Hard Trance but we are also interested in early Hardstyle sounds.

The Music must be original and not have any property of others contained. Before you submit any demo, make sure you will be able to supply a mixed down premaster WAV file without compression or limiter on the master channel bounced at max. -4dB in case we want to sign your music.

Please don't attach your tracks to the e-mail but rather use services like Sendspace, Wetransfer, or preferably DropBox to deliver the files.

Don't forget to include your contact details and any release or remix history you may have.

We will do our best to always send you a reply.

We look forward to hearing your track!


Tune in every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month as Hyper Reality Records’ most talented and in-demand DJs will bring you a 2-hour Hard Trance show highlighting their hottest tracks including a featured release of Hyper Reality Records!

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Sets: 8
Mixes: 8
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Sets: 9
Mixes: 9
Dave Scott LIVE at The Country Club 01-04-2000 Dave Scott LIVE at The Country Club 08-04-2000 Dave Scott b2b Northern Roy - Live @ Country Club 15-04-2000 Dave Scott LIVE at The Country Club 15-04-2000 Dave Scott LIVE at The Country Club 20-05-2000 Dave Scott LIVE at The Country Club Reunion 2013 Dave Scott LIVE at The Country Club 2014 MRP Weekend Warm Up Dave Scott Guest Mix 6th March 2015 Dave Scott LIVE at The Country Club 2015
Sets: 2
Mixes: 2
Mark Hashimi LIVE at The Country Club April 2015 Avin' it LARGE with Mark Hashimi Country Club Warm Up 15-2016

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