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The Country Clubs newest resident. For more information and bookings please contact

For someone who has only just entered his twenties the Country Club's newest resident is a rising talent. Despite never actually going to the original club due to his age he can really hold his own. His impeccable track selection and strong mixing skills have already impressed the seasoned residents of The Country Club, Poole's very own Jake Ayres.

Jake's parents who frequently attended The Country Club had a strong musical influence on him even before his teens. Their flyer and record collection had Jake spending much time behind his dads turntables before receiving a set of his own on his eleventh birthday. Playing many of the tracks they heard every week in particular a love of the timeless 'Dreams' by 'Miss Shiva' greatly inspired him to want to DJ.

After the usual foray of house parties, free parties, the strong influence of Hard Trance from the likes of Andreas Kraemer, S.H.O.K.K and tune recommendations mostly from the Country Club residents (who lived nearby) Jake had his first club gig at the Country Club Reunion in 2013 after being a finalist in the DJ Competition. Jake impressed so much that he was made a resident, something that many a hard trance DJ worldwide could only hope to aspire to.

Since then frequent bookings in and around the South Coast have followed with appearances in Plymouth as well as Bournemouth. His passion for all genres of dance music including techno and tech-house led to another residency for the very popular Terminal night at The Winchester, Bournemouth. This coupled with regular radio guest mixes and his own show, Hard Nation, on Safehouse Radio has led him to play alongside some of the biggest names in the scene, who also compliment him highly on his enthusiasm and vast tune knowledge as well as his mixing and selection. Jake's Hard Nation is soon to host the Saturday Night Dance Stage at Free Spirit Festival.

With an ever growing fan base and a series of bookings taking him well into the new year, Jake's plans for the future see him exploring the production world, looking to create a series of tracks that he hopes to end up on some of the record labels that have inspired him over the years. Keep an eye on what's to come from him as we are certain you will like what you hear!

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Saturday, 26 March 2016 18:11
Cheers ears we be well please to listen to your sets to and from work had listen to one the day liked it made me earo's cum Thanks .so im Downloading another 2 sets will give you an update cheers again
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