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Reflections EP001



Released January 2018
Genre Dance
Length 2:00:13
Edition date 2018
Tags Safehouse Radio Multi Genre Jay Magnifique


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Join Jay Magnifique on 1st Tuesday of the month for his show Reflections : Delving into the deepest coves of my record crate, I will reveal hidden gems that I've spent a lot of time and effort digging for, to play to you. I will showcase a lot of deep, progressive and melodic material, a lot of feel-good euphoric and classic selection and also some darker and dirtier, harder sounds. I like to play atmospheric and universal dance music. Plus I like every tune that I play to be of quality. It has to be something I've made effort to look for and am proud of playing. My show will represent my ever maturing sound and will usually start minimal and stripped down and end in more banging, chunky melodic house and minimal trance. I look forward to smashing up the decks for Safehouse radio and I welcome all of you to come and join me in a voyage through what I hope will be, some of the most obscure and wonderful Dance and Electronic music you will have ever heard. Expect surprises and expect sounds that you can tell have come from a hard and worthwhile search.



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