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Jon The Dentist
Genre Trance
Country UK


Studied under Gordon Mac (who used to own Kiss FM) and Graham Gold, who he watched religiously as a b-boy around London’s coolest venues.

Then along came House Music - ‘God Bless you Frankie Knuckles and Marshall Jefferson!” (Jon).

Originally part of the hardcore scene, as the scene started to fuse into Drum and Bass, Jon and his long time production partner, HMS (who has sadly passed), moved back to their four- to -the -floor roots, and in 1993 started techno label Boscaland.

There was born Jon the Dentist.

No sooner had the inception occurred than Jon and HMS’ productions caught the eye of the Dutch, and were whipped up onto the massive ID and T compilations, ‘Thunderdome’ albums that sold up to a million copies! This was the springboard, and Jon and HMS soon found themselves in Germany spinning at Westbam’s legendary Mayday in front of a 30 000 strong crowd. These boys were truly on the map.

Though Jon the Dentist carried on the Boscaland imprint for another decade, often working on collaberations with HMS and frequently releasing material from the Stay Up Forever producers, it was that trip to Mayday in 1993 that focussed this dj/producer on to a genre that he twisted and turned with Baby Doc: Trance music. As Baby Doc and the Dentist many classic releases were to follow on labels such as Prolekult, TEC, one of Carl Cox’s labels and their own imprint Dream Inn, on which they released their anthemic Hard Trance classic, Cyanide.

With Baby Doc, Jon found his feet as a producer whilst all the while djing internationally in Holland, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Spain, Finland and Switzerland, just to name a few European countries. But it was in Canada, then subsequently the USA, that Jon the Dentist was to really establish himself. As part of the original WEMF crew, along with Commander Tom, he saw a speculative 5000 rave turn into a 20,000 monster, and was responsible for introducing the likes of Mark EG and M-Zone to an unsuspecting American audience. All through this period Jon was playing multiple events and tours across the whole of North America and there is hardly a city in the USA or Canada in which he hasn’t spun trance or techno at events and on the radio.

As a producer Jon the Dentist needs little introduction, once he embarked upon a solo career. He has two very succesful solo albums to his name, ‘Pyramid’ and ‘The Culture’, along with ‘Genetically Engineered’ that was a collaberation with Ollie J, with whom he released the Tidy classics ‘Feel so Good’ and ‘Imagination’, a track which has been released and remixed in over 20 terrirtories.

Jon also released singles on Additive, Nukleuz and Sony’s Direction records with the Novacane chart single, ‘Playa Sol’ that Judge Jules played a whopping 10 weeks on the bounce on his Radio One show. Jon will also be affectionately remembered for his big anthem, ‘Global Phases’ which was remixed and re-released for the umpteenth time last year on the New York label The Seed. He says his crowning glory and most proudest moment was remixing for his hero and trance legend, Vincent de Moor.

Jon has djd at Dance Valley (twice) and Qdance (as a monthly resident) in Holland and the most famous party of them all - Love Parade in Germany. He has toured many other countries including Japan, Israel and the UAE, and stints at the Miami Winter Music Conference. He has also performed on many a stage in the UK, in London Turnmills, the Ministry, Club UK, Sunnyside Up and the Camden Palace, to name a few, and across the country in pretty much most major UK cities, towns and even villages.

"Two UK countries stand out as the Mecca of dance music: Ireland and Scotland, and for the Millenium NYE gig I chose Aberdeen over Canada and New York because I wanted to party like it was 1999; well the end of it!" (Jon the Dentist, M8 magazine, '99)

After a bit of a rest, a qualification in teaching and journalism, and a recharge of the batteries, he is back, fresh, re-invigorated and re-ignited for 2014!

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