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Entranced EP08



Released September 2017
Genre Trance
Length 2:00:00
Edition date September 2017
Label Safehouse Radio
Tags Trance Safehouse Radio Classic Trance Muzz Entranced


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Entranced EP08: Muzz welcomes you to Entranced bringing you the freshest trance and your favourite anthems, building new memories and reliving old ones over a 2 hour period from 7-9pm on the first sunday of every month.

Tune into Safehouse Radio HERE


. 4 Strings - Solid Sessions 
. Age Of Love - Age Of Love ( Solomun Renaissance Remix)
. Marco V - Simulated (Marco's 2006 Edit)
. Talla 2XLC - In Silence 
. 4 Strings - Beneath The Stars 
. Cosmic Gate - AR 
. Smith & Brown - Universal Chaos 
. Airscape & JES - My Love (Nifra Remix)
. Hutcheon - Until Dawn 
. Marco V - It's Black 
. Arkham Knights - Phantom 
. Somna - Dreadnought 
. Breeder - Twilo Thunder (Greg Downey Remix)
. M.I.K.E Push & Robert Nickson - Tachyon 
. Mark Sherry - Deja Vu (James Dymond Remix)
. Ciro Visone - Italy in Trance 
. Kevin Hoskin - Silent Assassin 
. Will Rees - Reconcile 
. Liam Kelly - Fear Factor 
. Simon McCann- Stratosphere 
. Inphasia - So Warm (Alex Di Stefano Remix)
. Bobby Puma - Manifesto 
. BK - Revolution (P.H.A.

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