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The Underground World 015-19.01.2018



Released January 2018
Genre House
Length 1:00:07
Edition date January 2018
Tags House Tech House Safehouse Radio Pressology Distribution


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The Underground World Radio Show, your weekly dose of Electronic Music. Enjoy the sound on every Friday 5-6pm.  Exclusive releases by Electronic Music Distribution.


01. Sebastian Paiza, Chris Dezz - Alligator Alley (Alan Castro Remix) / Osmosis Audio
02. Dubman F. - North Pole (Original Mix) / Krad Records
03. Antonio ST - Breaky (Overtracked Remix) / Chapeau Music
04. Jose Antonio eMe - Dancefloor Power (Wayne Madiedo & Fhaken Remix) / High Pressure Music
05. Sebastian Paiza, Chris Dezz - Ode Tu Udo (Original Mix) Osmosis Audio
06. Toilette - You Too (Right On Remix) / Tulipe Records
07. Xplorer (Col) - Touch Pattern (Original Mix) / Real Rhythm
08. Thurman - Nothing Change feat Livia (Original Mix) / Innocent Music Limited
09. Eraseland - Upside Down (Original Mix) / Berberis
10. Duky - Hibigeebies (Original Mix) / Deep Tech Records
11. Visionkids - The Trip (Original Mix) / AudioHell Department
12. Spinky & Monkstar - Corrupt Data (Original Mix) / Open Your Mind Music
13. Ian Draven - Genesis (Original Mix) / Black Bore Records
14. Vision2 - To The Beat (M.I.T.H. Remix) / 909 Individual
15. Leo Chiodaroli - Downpour (Original Mix) / Coffeeshop Records

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