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The Underground World 017-02.02.2018



Released February 2018
Genre House
Length 1:00:07
Edition date February 2018
Tags House Tech House Safehouse Radio Pressology Distribution


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The Underground World Radio Show, your weekly dose of Electronic Music. Enjoy the sound on every Friday 5-6pm.  Exclusive releases by Electronic Music Distribution.


01. Costin Rp - Giselle (Original Mix) / Hashplant
02. Riko Forinson - Wrong Direction (Original Mix) / Krad Records
03. Bastian Lehnert - Ualaa (Original Mix) / Deep Tech Records
04. Elum - Elements (Original Mix) / Astrophone Records
05. Thomas Stieler - On & On (Nick Beringer Remix) / Blind Vision Records
06. Arno Stolz - Rollover (Original Mix) / High Pressure Music
07. Mehmet Özbek - Bare Hands (Original Mix) / Deep Phase
08. Costin Rp - Nobody (Original Mix) / Hashplant
09. Alexskyspirit - Fake Reality (Original Mix) / Bontek Music
10. Thomas Stieler - Saw (Original Mix) / Blind Vision Records
11. CL-ljud - Tune (Original Mix) / Deep Phase
12. Viginti Tres -Initiatio (OriginalMix) / Astrophone Records
13. Konig Balthasar - Spiritual Meditation (Original Mix) / Berberis
14. Dema - Electric Melon (Original Mix) / Be Synth Records
15. Killagroove - Warm Clouds (Original Mix) / TUTU

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