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Cohesion EP015



Released May 2017
Genre Trance
Length 57:57
Edition date May 2017
Tags Trance Safehouse Radio Simon McCann Cohesion


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Cohesion Radio EP015: Trance producer, promoter and DJ Simon McCann delivers an hour of his favourite music that has been rocking the clubs and at his own event Cohesion. He also features world exclusives of his own material. Every Monday from 9pm on Safehouse Radio.

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01. Historus - Spray Me - Original Mix [Bonzai Progressive]
02. Camilo Franco feat. Alexandra Prince - World Hold On [Porno Star Records]
03. Ricardo Piedra - Wood (Original Mix) [Bonzai Progressive] 
04. Super8 & Tab - Cosmo [Armind]
05. Simon McCann - The Unknown [Discover]
06. Driftmoon feat Laurie Ann Haus - Felix (Ferry Tayle Remix) [Driftmoon Audio]
07. Activa - Telic (John Dopping Strategy) [Discover Records]
08. Eco & Driftmoon - Trust In The Wind (Driftmoon Rework) [Pure Trance]
09. Simon McCann - Stratosphere [Discover White Label]
10. Elite Electronic - Free Your Mind (Original Mix) [Mashbuk Recordings]
11. Trance Forever - Euphoria (Original Mix) [Discover Digital]

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