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Nothing (Original Mix) [Country Club Recordings]



Released March 2016
Genre Hard Trance
Length 8:28
Edition date March 2016
Label Country Club Recordings
Tags The Legend Lives On The Country Club Country Club Recordings Macmillan Cancer Support Yoshimitsu



Hey all! Hope you are enjoying 2016! Following on from Louk's debut release for our label "2001", that raised a couple hundred for Macmillan, we have signed a wealth of awesome tracks for release both on Vinyl and Digitally. Look out for details of our vinyl release that will come in the next month, but in the meantime, Somerset's very own Yoshimitsu, comes fresh from his release on GT Digital to deliver "Nothing", a hard trance track that takes all the elements we love from yesteryear, but with a modern twist! Hope you like this as much as we do, and look forward to seeing you on April 23rd!! 


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