Kraemer fails to deliver

It is with great regret we have to announce that we we be unable to release Andreas Kraemer's back catalogue. Unfortunately the files sent from Andreas were not of high enough quality for release. For more information please see the report below. We are truly gutted on this outcome.

Breakdown of tracks sent
FACT 1- the output of rms, geometric mean power for both files (so looking at mp3 vs .wav of the same track) is identical.

FACT2. Both the identical .wavs cut off suddenly at 15.3Khz (Russianmafia - Alarm is the file I have loaded right now).

The new .wav files are generated from the mp3s you were previously provided.

An mp3 cuts off at a top frequency, it’s a giveaway trait of an mp3. Convert that mp3 to a .wav and the wav still cuts off as it has gained no information; in fact it is merely doing a carbon copy of the mp3.

Cut off frequencies for mp3s vs .wav:
1411kbps >20kHz 1:1
320kbps 19.5kHz 1:4.4
192kbps 18kHz 1:7.3
160kbps 17kHz 1:8.8
128kbps 16kHz 1:11
96kbps 15kHz 1:14.7
64kbps 11kHz 1:22
32kbps 5kHz 1:44

Your .wavs and mp3s cut off at around 15/16k, so the files are of around or in many cases below that of 128Kbps. This means they were encoded at one stage at 128Kbps and then have been re saved as 320kbps .mp3s and sent to you. You then said there was an issue with quality, this has not been addressed but instead the same files have been encoded at 16bit .wav format.

Just to be clear- if somebody recorded a cd onto a tape, the tape would not be the same quality as the cd, only as good as a tape. If you then record that tape onto a cd, it does not enhance the sound, it might at best hold the quality the tape had.

The quality in your sound recording is that of 128kbps mp3, this is not acceptable for release. It has been given to you twice in better formats.
These have been created on a mac, so may well have been stored on apple music at around 128kbps.

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