Dear Country Clubbers...

Dear Country Clubbers

I've had a fair few messages asking when the next reunion will be...

It is with a smile in my heart and a tear in my eye that I announce their will be one final dance. The last Country Club reunion. I will keep the label going and his memory will never be forgotten that's for sure!

When I organised the first reunion for Clive it was going to be just that one. However the success and love for The Country Club you showed and subsequently speaking with Clive after, we decided to continue on an annual basis.

We have so far raised just under £13,000 for MacMillan Cancer Support which is absolutely amazing. You are all awesome and I know Clive would be proud of each and every one of you, old skool and newbies alike. <3

I hope you all understand the time, effort and responsibility it takes to organise such a beautiful event for Clive and yourselves.

I made Clive a promise and to that end I will keep it. We must have the right atmosphere! To achieve that there must be the right people with the right attitudes in attendance along with no club bollotix and big DJ egos. It is with this in mind, along with the fact that my own business (I am self employed) suffers due to the time it takes to organise I have decided on one last dance.

* Clive wanted a big fancy club promotion we've done that :)
* Clive loved the dark UV dingy club we've done that :)
* There is one last dream Clive used to talk about with me I'd like to make reality before I can call it a day. You will find out more in time... :)

It's gonna take a while to organise and source the right place so we are looking at 2020 (I hope) a couple of years.

I truly hope you all understand and support me in my decision. It's time to let the next generation take back the reigns now we've shown them a small bit of what they missed out on ;).

Much love

Cher x

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