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The legendary Andy Farley has enjoyed a career of phenomenal success on a worldwide scale. His name is synonymous with hard dance and his influence and impact on club culture throughout the past decade is immeasurable.
The highly entertaining Andy Farley is renowned for taking hard dance DJing to the next level. He has strong ties with revered clubbing institutions such as Trade, Tidy, Godskitchen, Creamfields, Slinky and Euphoria, and can satisfy every type of crowd, whether it’s 150 hard house extremists in the environs of a dark and sweaty underground club or 10,000 festival-goers jumping joyfully in a sun-scorched summer field.
Festivals are a particularly strong forte of Andy Farley the hard dance ambassador. He has headlined arenas for Global Gathering, Impulz, 4 Elements, and the biggest annual event in Europe, Dance Valley, and he is one of the most repeatedly in-demand DJs at the Tidy Weekenders. While his most recent tours abroad have taken him to Australia and New Zealand.
The pioneering Andy Farley has been at the forefront of cutting-edge hard dance production for the past decade. He was one of the first to add an innovative techno edge to straight up hard house, and never seems happy unless his latest studio creation has either pushed back boundaries or knocked them down completely.
The hard-working Andy Farley always delivers dancefloor dynamite, winning plaudits for a string of peerless tunes on leading labels such as Tidy, Tekelec Records, Traffic, Riot and Vicious Circle, not forgetting his own esteemed imprint Blue Cubed.
The collaborator Andy Farley has boxed clever with the scene’s most serious players, including BK, Nick Sentience, Colin Barratt, Paul Janes, Ali Wilson, James Lawson, D.A.V.E the Drummer, Dom Sweeten and Paul Maddox.
The remixer Andy Farley has transformed the work of the late but great Tony de Vit, BK, Phlash, Zero B, F1, Fergie and Base Graffiti to name but a few.
The roof-raiser Andy Farley commands more fan worship in 2007 than ever, for a six-hour set at Storm; for a Party Proactive residency at Turnmills which sees him spin everything from house to electro, from techno to hard house; for a standout contribution to the Hard Dance Revolution mix album; for relentlessly rocking every club which he plays.
The radio presenter Andy Farley hosts a weekly show on Ministry of Sound on Saturday mornings from 4am until 6am, building an ever-increasing army of internet devotees from every corner of the globe.
The lovable Andy Farley is as likely to be dancing enthusiastically beside you on the dancefloor as he is jumping up and down behind the DJ booth, an appealing attribute which wins him massive respect from clubbers, creating a sense of oneness with his audience so clearly evident in their universal adoration of his Godlike talent.
The future Andy Farley is brighter than ever, a ray of hedonistic sunshine to heat up your hearts. New tunes (on labels such as Hardasfunk, Toolbox, Vicious and the relaunched Tripoli Trax) and new ideas, new clubs and new fans, he’s always pushing the envelope, always striving to go one better. Always working harder, faster, stronger, longer.

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