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I established myself in the Hardtrance scene as DJ Medowz back in 2009, from releasing tracks "After hours club" on Digitally Infected and "Black Magic" on German Trance. From there I went on to release tracks on labels such as JOY RIDE - HARD - AUDIO TECH - METEMORPH RECORDINGS - ULTRAVIOLENCE RECORDINGS - COMPULZION - CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS.

After a short break to freshen up my producing skills and update some studio equipment I came back as ADM with a fresh new logo and a bit more knowledge about music production. Things couldn't have gone better after launching my new alias, my first release was on the Australian label Tranztek Recordings, providing a remix for Australians hardtech producer DJ Husband titled "Digital Disruption", I then went on to release my debut original track as ADM titled "Acid Reflux" on Inflikt Digital. My latest remix of Aponaut's - No Cure on Hyper Reality records has been a huge success!

I've also provided DJ mixes for internet radio shows such as the ever growing Global Evolution based in N.Y.C, as well as High Fish radio and the well established Atmosphere podcast currently live on Safehouse Radio the first Sunday of every month from 9pm. With track and remix requests coming in from respected hard trance labels the future looks bright for my new alias, so like the page and tell your friends. Enjoy the music.


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