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We Speak Techno Nov 2017



Released November 2017
Genre Techno
Length 2:02:06
Edition date November 2017
Label Safehouse Radio
Tags Techno Acid Techno Safehouse Radio The Brothers Grim Miss Fit Tiago Santos


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We Speak Techno : The Brothers Grim own style of dark 'n' dirty techno beats hits the Safehouse airwaves on the third Thursday of the month from 9pm!.  This month we have two special guest for this show.

Miss Fit has an insatiable love for Acid Techno & Techno music. She started mixing vinyl in the late 90's first playing out in Lation's London W1. Her key influences are the masters of London underground acid techno music, Chris Liberator, Geezer, Sterling Moss, Gizelle (Rebel Yell), DDR. Acid Techno & Techno a strong pounding, relentless bass line is where Miss Fit found her passion for this style of London underground music...
She loves to share new exciting underground tunes along side hard to find banging old classics...

Tiago Santos is a Brazilian Techno dj whos been spining Acid Techno, Hard Techno and Funky Techno on vinyl since 2003 and is known for pounding underground and extreme music with hard bass and fast beats.
Based in Florianopolis, south Brazil, where he runs the ever popular party Teknopolis, he became inspiered by the Stay Up Forever Collective sound and with whom he's had the great pleasure of raving at many parties and has now started studio sessions with...

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Tune in every third Wednesday from 7pm only on Safehouse Radio.


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