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We Speak Techno Apr 2018



Released April 2018
Genre Acid Techno
Length 2:00:00
Edition date March 2018
Label Safehouse Radio
Tags Techno Acid Techno Donut Brooksie we speak techno


Safehouse logo 100px

We Speak Techno : The Brothers Grim own style of dark 'n' dirty techno beats hits the Safehouse airwaves on the third Thursday of the month from 9pm!.

As March decides to leave us (hopefully that's the end of the bloody snow!) and April rolls over the horizon with its spring time vibes, what better way to welcome the uks rainy season than to tune in to the Brothers Grim show for 2 hrs of sorted techno and sunshine acid beats.......
This month, Brothers Grim's Brooksie opens up the proceedings with 60 mins of Hardgroove & Hard Techno before handing over to our very special guest, representing the south American Techno massive, Brazil's Acid Junkie and Teknopolis & Techno Routes head honcho, Tiago Santos!

9 till 11.

Listen in via the TuneIn app or on line at:


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