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Genre Hard Trance
City Looe
Country UK
Years active 10+
Tags Techno Hard Trance Hard Style Busho


Busho is a name that has been at the front of many DJs record boxes over the past couple of years, and for a man who has spent most of his life associated with dance music, he is really crafting a niche with his sound that fuses the hard trance, hardstyle and techno he was raised on! With a distinct but surprising European influence (considering Busho is actually Adam Clements from Looe in Cornwall), he has championed the sound ever since he discovered the music from some CDs he was played by a close friend back in 2001. 
From his DJing beginnings in 2005 for the legendary Premonition events (an event which he now is a resident at where he plays versus sets with fellow DJ/Producer Louk), Busho has played for many leading nights around the UK including Resistance, Hindsight, After Dark, Pure, New Dimension, Distortion and more. He also toured with Hindsight in Ibiza and played a few gigs there in the summer of 2010. He has a distinct sound, and mixes up the most upfront productions he can find as well as some older timeless classics that influenced him, keeping true to his roots. One thing is for certain, when he plays the energy levels are through the roof and match the high energy that can be found in his productions, and his collaborations with Mark EG, Nick The Kid, Joe-E, Louk, DJ Thera, Sinith and more have been met with great response. 
Having his production roots based upon a love for hard trance and hardstyle, Busho is no stranger to the studio. Since his timeless début 'Music Matters' (a collaboration with the also Looe born Joe-E), on Holland's Theracords imprint, it's fair to say that Busho's worked diligently since and has over fifty releases to his name. High profile labels in the Harder scene such as German Trance, Traffic Tunes, Steel Records, Traffic, Tranzlation, Compulzion, Virus Audio, Hindsight and many more have all sought his production and remix skills and his tracks have amassed huge DJ support, with DJs including Mark EG, Proteus, Scot Project, Yoji, A*S*Y*S, Fausto, Louk, Wragg + Log:One and many more all playing his productions on a regular basis! 
In the summer of 2010, Busho decided to set up the 'Digitally Infected' imprint and has since amassed a back catalogue that some of the major players of the hard trance world would be proud of, showcasing both a wide collection of up and coming producers and leading names. The first release on the label was the well received 'Music First' by Busho and since then artists such as Sam Punk, Mark EG, Diablik, Proteus, The Engineer, Audio Damage and DJ Husband are a few of the talents to release material on the label. With more than enough material forthcoming to see the year through and some huge DJ support and critical acclaim from leading music press, this is a label worth checking! The sub-label 'Digitally Infected White' caters for fans of a more trance orientated and less harder sound. 
Not just concentrating on the harder sounds, Busho is also a prolific producer of trance and electro under his 'Daam' guise, and intends to develop this alias as well with various DJ sets and productions as time progresses as these are genres he has a strong underlying passion for as well. This includes future collaborations with TekTonik and remix work for trance labels, so he is definitely worth checking out for someone that brings that extra edge to your night and is set to be one of the promising names to watch in the future.

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