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Cross & Spinout
Genre Trance
Country UK
Years active 10+


Country Club Reunion residents Cross & Spinout - During the 5 years these two took the south-west by storm they are now forever being named as ‘south-west legends’ after being one of the main residents at the UK premier underground dance music venue (at the time)... The Country Club.

While they were residents at this legendary club (which closed in 2002),  they built a massive fan base, and connected with the south west clubbing community with their sound via live their performances and 11 mix cds (Cross & Spinout volumes 1 – 11). This was a series of mixes the guys put together to give to the clubbers at gigs and also sold on their website. These CD’s in today’s terms went viral, and any clubber that was into this new and exciting hard trance sound from Germany had a at least one of thier CD’s.
They played along-side all of the Artists that pretty much invented this sound:
Andreas Kraemer / Thomas Pogadl – Tom X – Warmduscher - Hennes and Cold - Flutlcht & S.H.O.K.K – Dj Wag and many more.
In 2003 due to them living at different ends of the country the duo faded out, and both work on their own projects with Iain (Cross) going on to play some of the biggest events in the UK and abroad, and Dave (Spinout) keeping their High Fish Recordings Label alive releasing quality Hard Trance music very much inspired by the Country Club sound and it’s still going to this day.
The guys have played special one-off Classics sets in 2009 (Atmosphere) and also at the annual Official Country Club Reunion since 2013.

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Sets (12)
Mixes (12)

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Sets: 8
Mixes: 8
Open House EP138 feat. Proff Open House EP139 feat. Nora en Pure Live at Avalon Hollywood Open House EP140 feat. Rishi K Open House EP141 @ Palace  Pool Club - Manila feat. Peter Brown Open House EP142 feat. Andrew Benson Open House EP143 feat. Obadius Otherkind Open House EP152 feat. Luigi Rocca Open House EP153 feat. Brett Rubin
Sets: 6
Mixes: 6
They Trance 001 They Trance 002 They Trance 003 They Trance 004 They Trance 005 They Trance 06
Sets: 1
Mixes: 1
Paul Moore LIVE at The Country Club 2014

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