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'Avin It LARGE with Cherish v Chris Liability 08-2015



Released November 2015
Genre Trance
Price 0.50 £
Length 1:59:27
Edition date November 2015
Tags Avin' it LARGE Hard Dance Vibe FM


Episode 8-2015 'Avin LARGE with Cherish v Chris Liability on VibeFM


1.Pastrami (Moving House)-Jo Jo
2.House Of God (Phonique Remix)-DHS
3.Funk Bunker-Pixiee
4.At Night (Kid Creme Club Mix)-Shakedown
5.Break The Pain-Dai Jones & Danny Harris
6.Beachball (HUH Mix)-Naline & Kane
7.Swappa Crate-Mitch Doi
8.Breathless (Tony De Vit mix)-Hampshire $ Weatherly
9.I Don't Care (BK remix)-Tony De Vit
10.Ghosts (John Doe mix)-Tenth Planet
11.I Just Can't Stop 2006 (original mix)-Ilogik, M Ramone
12.Energy Is You (vocal club mix)-The Hitmen
13.What Is Reality (original mix)-DJ Chuck E
14.Insane Asylum (Pedro Del Mar remix)-Thomas Trouble
15.Sound Shock-Aaronr
17.Folie A Deux-SHOKK
18.Too Many Times (Energy mix)-Kai Tracid
19.Too Rare To Die (Busho remix)-Jamie M
21.XTC Love-Überdruck
22.Definition (Original Mix)[High Fish Recordings]-Renegade System
23.Oxygene (Russenmafia remix)-Schwarze Puppen
24.No Cure (Adm remix)-Aponaut

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Serenity (Chilled Out Sessions) « Serenity (Chilled Out Sessions) Cherish MP3 Chronology 'Avin It LARGE with Cherish 07-2015 » 'Avin It LARGE with Cherish 07-2015

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