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Pure Progressive EP034



Released August 2018
Genre Progressive
Length 2:00:00
Edition date August 2018
Label Safehouse Radio
Tags Safehouse Radio Progressive Progressive House Progressive Trance Cliffie ABGT Pure Progressive


Safehouse logo 100px

Pure Progressive : DJ Cliffie joins us with an exclusive bi-weekly residency showcasing the best in Progressive House and Trance.  If you love your ABGT style then you wanna tune in from 7pm on the first, third & fifth Monday of the month.


Jan Blomqvist - Synth For The Devil (Extended Mix)
Egopusher - Flake (Jimi Jules Remix)
Kachelly - Clouds
David Forbes pres. Hal Stucker - Retrace Feat. Eilidh Hadden (Original Mix)
Mario Puccio - Aura ( Franco Tejedor & Martin Gardoqui Remix )
Sub Chunk - Ground
Khubu feat. Ian H - Round N Round (Ian Dillon Remix)
BAILE - Amae (Sasha Fabric2099 Mix)
Fille V - Tranquil Soul (Original Mix)
Michael A - Look Closer
James Marley - Night Walk
David Forbes pres. Hal Stucker - Chimes (Original Mix)
Dirty Vegas - Days Go By (Stuart King Remix)
Yotto ft. Vok - The One You Left Behind
Remake - Blade Runner (Maceo Plex Renaissance Remix)
Milad E - Stole (Extended Mix)
Tony De Vit - The Dawn (Kydus Remix)
Three Drives On A Vinyl - Greece 2000 (Melih Kor Extended Remix)
Mahaputra - Alive
Assaf - Trinity (Sound Quelle & Max Meyer Extended Remix)
Simon Gregory - It's From The Outside In (Original Mix)
Emata, Jeff Ozmits - Nothing But Love (Original Mix)
DT8 Project - Leave It All Behind (Darren Tate Club Mix)

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