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Ed Real
Genre Hard House
City London
Country UK
Tags Hard House Hard Dance


Ed Real is one of the most influential people in dance music. Exceptional DJ, award winning promoter, businessman, media personality and producer – Ed Real has it all.

Stop Press! Summer 2008 sees Ed perform at a staggering array of festival events including: Dance Valley, Def Qon One, Global Gathering, Planet Love, Waveform, Dance Island, Sanctuary Festival, Spitbank Fort, Kiddstock and the legendary Burning Man in the Nevada Desert! Plus a host of club events and trips to Ibiza this is the busiest year so far!

In his spare time Ed took own club brand Riot! from budding after-hours Sunday club at infamous The End club in London to being named Number One club in the UK by Mixmag. The spin-off Riot! Recordings is now on its 40th release and is home to BK, Judge Jules and Lisa Lashes on vinyl and download. Following on from his days as head of A&R at the legendary Nukleuz and BXR Records where he took the label to win Dance Label of the Year at the prestigious Music Week awards in 2002, Riot! is now the scene leader in the UK as the debut album Filthy House for Dirty Stopouts has proven.

Collaborations with BK, Nick Sentience, James Lawson, The Coalition, Defective Audio and Ali Wilson propelled Ed into the premier league of hard dance DJs. His anthems including ‘On The Edge’ by Straight Outta Clapham (Ed Real vs The Edison Factor) are arguably some of the biggest hard house tracks in the history of the scene.

Having mixed 15 compilation albums which have sold hundreds of thousands of units in total since 2000, Ed Real definitely has a place in every hard dance fans record collection! 2008 will see Ed mixing the Hard Dance Awards compilation on Tidy Trax again. No other DJ comes close!

A born pioneer, Ed is director of – Europe’s first dance download website. Now selling music from 8,000 dance labels to customers in 188 countries around the world, Ed is constantly asked by the media to present the case for the digital revolution and has appeared as a panel guest for two years at the Amsterdam Dance Event. is the download partner of Kiss FM and Mixmag amongst other leading brands.

To help showcase the best of dance music, Ed promotes the annual Hard Dance Awards and Trance Awards – both of which of are global projects involving key players from the industry and tens of thousands of fans who vote annually. In February 2007, Ed again hosted the awards ceremony on the main stage at the 4,500 capacity Brixton Academy party and in 2008 the 5th Annual Hard Dance Awards powered by moves to Sheffield.

Ed Real is a born leader who breathes, eats, sleeps and dreams dance music! His passion for the scene is unrivalled and it reflects in his DJ sets, his production and his attitude to life! 


PRETTY FAST – Real, Rowland and Wright (Nukleuz)
SUNSHINE – Real and Richardson (Nukleuz) – UK Chart Top 40
DESERT STORM – Ed Real and Todd Tobias (Nukleuz)
657 – Ed Real and Vinylgroover (Nukleuz)
WAKE UP CALL – Ed Real vs The Shrink (Frantic)
EASY ON THE CUT – Ed Real and Nick Sentience (Nukleuz)
A LITTLE LOVE – Ed Real & BK (Riot!)
BITCH! - Ed Real & James Lawson (Riot!)
INFORMATION OVERLOAD - Ed Real & James Lawson (Riot!)
MONKEY TEKNO - Ed Real & Ali Wilson (Riot!) 
20,000 HARDCORE MEMBERS - Ed Real & The Coalition (Tidy)
DUB WAR – Defective Audio & Ed Real (Kaktai)


HARDHOUSE ANTHEMS 3 mixed by BK and Ed Real
HARDHOUSE ANTHEMS 2001 mixed by BK and Ed Real
HARD DANCE ANTHEMS 2003 mixed by Nukleuz DJs (Ed Real)
FRANTIC mixed by Ed Real and Andy Farley
MAINSTAGE mixed by Ed Real and Clive King
PROTOCOL, JAPAN mixed by Ed Real
HARDHOUSE ANTHEMS 2 mixed by Ed Real and Andy Farley
HARDHOUSE ANTHEMS 4 mixed by Ed Real and Rob Tissera
HARD DANCE REPUBLIC mixed by Ed Real (March 2005)
HARD DANCE REPUBLIC VOL 2 mixed by Ed Real (October 2005)
HARD DANCE AWARDS mixed by Ed Real and Tidy Boys (March 2007)
DESIGNER LABELS mixed by Paul Glazby, BK, Ed Real, Sam Townend (June 2007) 
HARD DANCE REVOLUTION mixed by BK, Lisa Pin-Up, Ed Real, Andy Whitby (Aug 2007)
HARD DANCE AWARDS mixed by Ed Real (March 2008)

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