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Avin' it LARGE with Jon Connor 06-2015



Released October 2015
Genre Techno
Length 58:57
Edition date October 2015
Tags Techno Jon Connor Minimal


Episode 6 'Avin It LARGE with Jon Connor on VibeFM

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2.Drone Strike (David Temessi remix)-Vincent Ka
4.Punkworld (Axel Karakasis remix)-Emanuele Amendola
5.Starburst (Filterheadz remix)-Pagano
6.Click (original mix)-The Adventindustrialyzer
7.OneDipDip (Filterheadz remix)-Dr Motte, Robert Babicz
8.Fiesta-Kostas Maskalides & Roman Weber
10.Love Sensation-Tom Hades, Kostas Maskalides
12.DaHustle-Matador Ie



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Jon Connor MP3 Chronology Bubblejam July 2016 » Bubblejam July 2016

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