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Genre Trance
City Plymouth
Country UK
Years active 10+
Tags The Country Club Trance Techno Hard Trance Hard Dance


Louk is proving his worth as one of the bright talents of the scene, having achieved a fair amount of success over the past decade, and being described as someone who 'plays like a maniac', with an extensive and diverse record collection. A man who hardly sleeps which is demonstrated by his productions, gigs, radio shows, promotion, reviews, consultancy work and an all round dedication for the sinister blend of trance and techno that he has become famed for.

Despite hailing from England, he has a very distinct European sound and loves to play a mash up of Hard and Driving Trance, Early Hardstyle and Techno in his sets, old and new, vinyl and CD. At the end of the day good music is good music! Basing a love of these genres on a sound he heard at an illegal outdoor rave in a quarry near Exeter in 2002, at the age of 16, all wide eyed and dribbling.

Since then, and over 80 releases later on some of the most notable hard trance and techno labels out there, with plays by many of his production heroes over his career, he has released on the likes of Druck, Atmosphere Recordings, Analogue Is Dead/Connected, Naked Lunch, Detox, Drizzly, German Trance, Tidy, Audio Surgery, Joyride, Nukleuz, Hindsight, Friction, Excessive, Dataless, Trance NRG, Digitally Infected, V-Trax and numerous others.

No stranger to the turntables, which is quite a surprise considering him saying he wasn't interested in playing out. This has resulted in bookings at for events such as Q-Base (Airport Weeze), Defqon 1 (Almere), Nature One Festival (Frankfurt), HTID (Sydney Olympic Showground), Damage Control (Canberra), Tunnel (Hamburg), Love And Respect (Culemborg), Lexion (Holland), Slammin Vinyl Sanctuary Festival, North, Premonition, Atmosphere, Hindsight, Country Club Reunion, Liquid Pulse, DHF Rectify, Hard Definition, Uprising, Overload, Global Meltdown, Bionic, Rinseout vs Souloud, Colabs, Volksfest, Oldskooling, Love Summer, and many more. One of his gig highlights recently involved teaming up with longstanding friend Leo Dantes (who taught him how to mix) and playing after Ferry Corsten at Ministry Of Sound for their longstanding and coveted The Gallery night.

Aside from an extensive production and DJing history, Louk works in record label management and promotion and is an avid radio DJ broadcasting monthly on Ireland's 2FM with his Sonic Sessions show, which is broadcast as part of 'The Late Night Sessions' with Eddie Halliwiell and Dave Clarke, as well as his 'Techno Sessions' on Plymouth's EatMusic FM, which is syndicated accross the world. To coincide with this he has also been writing articles and reviews for magazines and websites since 2000. Writing for Zone and Core Magazine at the moment. With many gigs and live radio broadcasts, 2016 is looking very promising!

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Derb - Derb (Dark Sector Remix)

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