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Genre Hard Trance
City Badhoevedorp
Country Netherlands
Tags Highfish Digital Hyper Reality Highfish Radio Nostic


Barry Röhner is unquestionably Hardtrance royalty. Having started out producing Hardcore his passion went to Hardstyle and eventually 100% Hardtrance. Nostic prefers the kind of dark mysterious emotional trance music that will fill you with energy and emotions so watch out for some energetic  pumping beats with lots of mysterious atmospheres and screaming 303 acid! Tracks and remixes have been released on labels such as Acid Records, Benefactor, Digitally Infected, I.M.Red Trance Digital, Nero Records, Impressive Records, Digital Quest Music, Nu Communicate Records, Highfish Digital, Fools Forest, Chemical Solution Records and Zone Traxx.

Nostic is also active in others genres besides Hard Trance he experiments with the following styes: Hardstyle, Hardcore, Psytrance, Drum&Bass, Dupstep, moviescore etc. Nostic Records launched in June 2011 with Nostic releases and tracks/remixes from other artists. September 2014 saw the launch of Hyper Reality Records a Dutch/German label founded in 2014 by Acid Scorpions. Reversed basslines, screaming 303 acidlines and energetic synthworkfound a new home. Hyper Reality truly brings back the old German Hard Trance Sound! Nostic Records, Acid Records, Benefactor, I.M.Red Trance Digital, Nero Records, Impressive Records, Digital Quest Music, Nu Communicate Records, Highfish Digital, Fools Forest, Chemical Solution Records, Zone Traxx 

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Sets: 3
Mixes: 3
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