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Journeys Through Trance 541



Released October 2017
Genre Trance
Length 59:56
Edition date October 2017
Label Safehouse Radio
Tags Trance Safehouse Radio philip langham jtut journeys through trance


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Journeys Through Trance : Philip Langham joins the Safehouse Team every Sat delivering beautiful uplifting Journeys Through Trance from 6pm.  This show will tranceport you from the everyday bump and grind. Not to missed!


01 4 SEA'S - ergaticus [DIGITAL EUPHORIA]
02 DJTH - rainbow (nikolauss) [EXTREMA]
03{2008REWIND}ANDY BLUEMAN - time to rest (daniel kandi) [PERCEPTIVE]
04 THE AVAINS - v v (kiyoi & eky) [TFB]
05 OBM NOTION - walking in an empty street (danny legatto) [MASHBUK]
06 SUPERLIFTH - victory 2017 [TRANCER]
08 YOJI BIOMEHANIKA - theme from Banginglobe (tranceye) [CDR]
09 MARATONE ft CLAIRE WILLIS - all it takes [ABORA]
10 FRIGHT NITE - dark fantasy [MARAPHOBIA]
11 SAM LAXTON - never alone again [FSOE FABLES]
12 MARIA HEALY - desidarata (giuseppe otaviani) [SUBCULTURE]
13 FREDD MOZ - broken world [RIELISM

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