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The Underground World 005-10.11.2017



Released November 2017
Genre House
Length 1:00:07
Edition date November 2017
Tags House Safehouse Radio Pressology Distribution


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The Underground World Radio Show, your weekly dose of Electronic Music. Enjoy the sound on every Friday 5-6pm.  Exclusive releases by Electronic Music Distribution.


01. Du Sant - Hang (Original Mix) / Krad Records
02. Paul S, Antony Pl - Bpm (Original Mix) / Ride Music
03. Du Sant - Lafinale (Original Mix) / Krad Records
04. E.T.H (Italy) - La Lumaca Veloce (DAT Italy Remix) / 12+1 London
05. E.T.H (Italy) - Tungor (W.O.H Remix) / 12+1 London
06. Galvino, Moett C - Vente (Original Mix) / Draft Ltd
07. JJaco (IT) - Ground Track (Original Mix) / Malicious Smile LTD
08. Karl Simon - Blondie (Original Mix) / Atrezzo Records
09. Oxlade, Francesco Parente - Change (Avgustin remix) / Knostra Music
10. Lo Coco - Big Bang (Original Mix) / Habla Music
11. Lophius Rec - Toxic Biohazard (Original Mix) / Lethal Script Label
12. Rone White, Alessandro Diruggiero - Mommy Please (Original Mix) / Dirtyclub Music
13. Ruben Sanchez - In My Mind (Dub Mix) / Let's Groove
14. Sander Ellerman - Tulip (Original Mix) / Jelly Beast Recordings
15. DMB - August 13 (Original Mix) / Finder Records

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Avin' it LARGE with Jon the Baptist Country Club Warm Up 16-2016
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DJ Rio LIVE @ The Country Club 28-07-2001

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