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Avin' it LARGE with Shax 02-2016



Released January 2016
Genre Hard Trance
Price 0.50 £
Length 57:27
Edition date January 2016
Tags Trance Hard Trance Avin' it LARGE Safehouse Radio Shax


Episode 2 of 2016 'Avin It Large with guest Shax on Safehouse Radio

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1.Pure Thrust-Basic Dawn
2.Flashback-Trancecore Project
3.Dreams (cosmic gate rx)-Miss Shiva
4.Calling God-Yoshimitsu
5.Another World (Voodoo & Serano rmx)-DJ Shog
6.U (Scot Project rmx)-Elastique Culture
7.Addicted To Sound (Shock:Force rmx)-Yoz & Big Lean
8.Shock:Force Eedit-Cosmic Gate
9.Hard Drive (Original Mix)[Atmosphere Recordings UK]-Renegade System & Noizy Boy
10.Tides Of Doom (Busho rmx)-Ultra Violence


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