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Genre Trance
Country Northern Ireland
Years active 10+
Tags Avin' it LARGE Safehouse Radio Sean Keys Syko Peaceday Broadcast


Syko is a DJ and producer from Northern Ireland. DJing since 1999 and producing since 2010. He plays and produces everything from house to hardcore and everything between. His main love in music is acid in any shape or form. He has productions in many genres, and each have acid influence. He has around 9 aliases but sticks mainly to Syko. He doesn't follow rules as such and never plans a set or track. He is a vinyl junkie at heart and it rules him, however he will mix on whatever platform is given to him. 

He also runs a marathon radio broadcast a few times a year under the guise of Peace Day Broadcast where he gets lots of DJs to send a mix in and all get played back to back over a couple of days. These broadcasts are reaching further each time and including DJs who are more prominent in today's scene including Mauro Picotto, CJ Bolland, Franky Jones, Sneijder, Sam Jones, Ben Nicky, Westbam, Dave Pearce, Jordan Suckley and The Space Brothers to name some of the acts he's had.

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Atmoscast #05 Busho
Sets: 1
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Miss Special K LIVE EP001
Sets: 1
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Derb - Derb (Dark Sector Remix)

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