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Genre Hard House
City Exeter
Country UK
Years active 10+
Tags Hard House Hard Dance DJ Twig Safehouse Radio


Energy of the Twig
Join Dj Twig delivering a vinyl only set on the first Friday of every month.
Twig's has been mixing it up on the 1's & 2's since 1997 playing out at venus such as Burston, Widmouth Manor and most recently Move nightclub. His dj'ing roots are from numerous old skool raves and parties mixing alongside many now well known headliners.
Now part of the Safehouse Radio Team he's here to make all you Safehouse ravers smile whilst getting ready to go out for the weekend.
Oi Oi Lets Rock This Show...ENJOY!
Sets (9)
Mixes (9)

Hits 2358

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Sets: 7
Mixes: 7
The Future of Hard Trance Episode 11 The Future of Hard Trance Episode 12 Feat. Tim Hidgem The Future of Hard Trance Episode 13 The Future of Hard Trance EP014 The Future of Hard Trance EP015 The Future of Hard Trance EP016 The Future of Hard Trance EP017
Sets: 2
Mixes: 2
Organ Donors LIVE @ The Country Club 2015 MRP Weekend Warm Up Organ Donors Guest Mix April 2015
Sets: 1
Mixes: 1
Highfish Radio Guest DJ Husband

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