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History & Future of Hard Trance 01



Released December 2017
Genre Hard Trance
Price 1.00 £
Length 2:00:02
Edition date December 2017
Label Safehouse Radio
Tags Trance Hard Trance Classic Trance Future of Hard Trance Sixth Sense History of Hard Trance


Safehouse logo 100px

The History & Future of Hard Trance: Exclusive to Safehouse Radio DJ and producer The Sixth Sense takes over the reigns from DJ W delivering two hours thumping trance beats,  new and classics.  Without the history there would be no future hard trance! Expect the occasional guest mix and exclusive promos of The Sixth Sense own tracks.

Tune into Safehouse Radio HERE


1. A&Z with Leolani - Yesterday [FSOE Recordings]
2. The Sixth Sense - Antikythera [CDr]
3. The Sixth Sense - ID [TBA]
4. JBL Rockers feat. Keith Dawson - What You Make It [Priority One Digital]
5. Andrea Montorsi - Sunshine (original mix) [HTE]
6. Madwave feat. Vanessa Marchi - By My Side [Phoenix Recordings]
7. Garry Noon - Slobberknocker [Infected Digital]
8. Emanuele Congeddu & Danny Rayel - Stardust Till Dawn [Digital Society Recordings]
9. Jake Nicholls - Rei (Dark Sector remix) [Joyride Music]
10.Shugz - Extremity [In Trance We Trust]
11.Rob Binner & Rob Mindru - Ominous [CDr]
12.Systemshock & Timmy Coop - Shameless [Cheeky Tracks]
13.The Elite - Rise Of The Machines [High Fish Digital]
14.Jon Doe - Drifting Away (Renegade System remix) [D Records]
15.Powermaster & Mr. Greidor - Hyper Hard In The Fairytale [Eternal Sun Records]
16.Oldschool Z-Boys - Cosmic Wind 2017 (original mix) [Eternal Sun Records]
17.Hatom - First Of All (original mix) [Hyper Reality]
18.C.O.L.D. - Clubbed To Death (Angel mix) [Hyper Reality]
19.Burgy - Lochfrass (95 Grad mix) [Quickie Records]
20.D10 - Talking Bells [Viper Traxx]
21.Photech & The Sixth Sense - Thirty Years Wiser [CDr]
22.Platinum - City Of Gods [Endeavour]
23.Erik Vee - Scared [Alpha+]
24.Arome - Hands Up (The Sixth Sense remake of Scot's unreleased mix) [CDr]

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The Sixth Sense MP3 Chronology History & Future of Hard Trance 02 » History & Future of Hard Trance 02

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