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Genre Hard Dance
City Sydney
Country Australia
Years active 20+


Born in 1970, Jonathan Casey was destined a future of live music, production, and performance. Throughout his teenage years he began experimenting with music on his 8bit C64 computer and playing in a local band, recording rave music and developing musical ideas. Little did he know that these experiments would evolve to become the backbone of one of the most influential industrial live acts of all time!

In 1990, he adopted the name, Ultraviolence (in reference to A Clockwork Orange) and began working hard towards his self-financed debut single, Shout and possibly for the first time, successfully fusing electronic dance beats with industrial & metal. John Peel played the record often and invited Ultraviolence to record what was the first Peel session recorded in a home studio. After a short deal with major label Food Records, he re-named his artistic alter ego Johnny Violent and dedicated his energy towards the first full length Ultraviolence album. After signing to extreme misc label Earache Records in 1993, new opportunities opened up for live performance and extensive tours, and in 1994, the debut album Life Of Destructor (featuring the now classic dance track, Hardcore Motherfucker) was released worldwide, which received massive praise, including a 5K rating in UK Rock Magazine, Kerrang. Ultraviolence continued working with Earache Records for 4 more albums, culminating in a Best Of album, entitled Blown Away 94-04.
Ultraviolence unique fusion of distorted dance beats, harsh melodic synth lines, dark lyrical themes and an ever evolving stage show, led to tours with the likes of The Exploited, Moby, Cubenate, Delta 9 and The Horrorist, as well as shows and DJ slots with The Orb, Front Line Assembly, The Young Gods amongst many others. The project received international recognition, including in Holland’s Gabber scene, leading Ultraviolence to perform at legendary hardcore event, Thunderdome VS Hellraiser. Ultraviolence expanded further onto the European hardcore rave scene, with his tracks being remixed by the likes of Lenny Dee & Billy Bunter amongst many others. Johnny Violent was also featured on the front cover of Dutch hard dance magazine, Thunder in 1998. Whilst the band achieved much success in the hard dance community, they have been equally as involved in pioneering the world of modern industrial music and have performed at many of the leading UK goth / fetish events including Infest, Club Antichrist and The Carnival Of Souls. Such musical diversity, and unique genre crossover has established Ultraviolence as one of the most significant breakthroughs acts in UK industrial music.

Since an explosive series of live shows in 2005, re-occurring periods of illness have held Johnny out of action. However, in 2012 Ultraviolence returned with an all new 4 piece live band for their first show in 6 years, at Sheffield’s Resistanz Festival. Enticed by brand new tracks and a fresh stage show, the performance put Ultraviolence back on the map, and left fans craving for more. Still recovering, Johnny is currently working on a brand new full length album and is hoping to support its release with a series of live dates at some point. Just when you thought it couldn’t be true, Ultraviolence returns. Harder, faster and louder than ever!

By Ryan Swainson

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