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The Future of Hard Trance Episode 12 Feat. Tim Hidgem



Released May 2017
Genre Hard Trance
Length 2:00:01
Edition date May 2017
Label Safehouse Radio
Tags Hard Trance Hard Dance GT Digital Safehouse Radio DJ W The Future of Hard Trance Tim Hidgem


The Future of Hard Trance: Exclusive to Safehouse Radio DJ W delivers two hours of his favorite hard trance tracks, new and classics. A monthly guest mix by industry friends will complete this two hour show every second Thursday from 7pm.

"It's a privilege to do this job; to introduce the world to new music; to shape the culture. The time is NOW!"

Tune in here: or on mobile here



DJ W mix

01.Public Domain Auto Acid Trip (Infected Digital)
02.Nutty T - The kracken (NTBlack)
03.Busho - Unknown Identity (GT Digital)
04.DJ W - Fuck Society (Error303)
05.C.O.L.D. - Acid Planet (XLS brainstem remix) (Hyper Reality records)
06.Scot Project - Somebody (Overdose)
07.Renegade sysatem - Digital Lifeforms ( together in hard trance) (GT Digital)
08.Mindflux - Just Wanna Go Back (GT Digital)
09.DJ W - Infinit Loop Of Insanity (Error303)
10.Mayhem - Rise & Cry (Mass in Orbit remix) (Uberdruck records)
11.Nostic - Dark Energy (GT Digital)

Tim Hidgem mix

01.Tim Hidgem’s Anti-Social Media Intro
02.XLS & Cognition - Discovery [GT Digital]
03.Mindflux - Dreaming (XLS Remix) [Hyper Reality]
04.Aponaut - Dream Of Eternity [GT Digital]
05.Ben Eye & Log:One – Timeline [White Label]
06.Nutty T - Release The Kraken [Nutty Traxx]
07.D10 Meets The Sixth Sense - (Don’t) Stop The Music (No Vox Mix) [GT Digital]
08.Andrea Montorsi - Religion (Renegade System & Tim Hidgem Remix) [Atmosphere Recordings:UK]
09.DJ Pawel C & Costa Pantazis - The Butterfly Effect (Renegade System Remix) [Metamorph Recordings]
10.DJ W - Mistakes (Original Mix) [GT Digital]
11.Renegade System – ID

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