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Despite first impressions Josh Pollak aka ‘Yoshimitsu’ isn’t a fictional Japanese character from a popular 90’s computer game. He’s actually a purist hard trance DJ / producer hailing from Wellington, Somerset in the south-west of England.

Combining elements of classic hard trance and free party with his own modern twist he has created a unique musical fusion with a clear USP - every track tells a different story and takes the listener on a euphoric emotional journey.

Having discovered the sound in 2001 Josh immersed himself in the scene from a very young age and first established himself as a DJ back in the glory days of vinyl. Inspired by legends such as Mark EG and M-Zone he made it his mission to seek out those rare gems that no one else was playing. The originality of his sets combined with an energetic stage presence and relentless mixing style saw him build a solid core following, gaining sets at some of the UK’s leading hard dance events such as Slammin’ Vinyl, Atmosphere, Bionic and Hindsight to name but a few.

It was only much more recently that Josh turned his hand to production. With the dawn of the digital age he soon came to realise that it wasn’t enough to be a DJ anymore and you had to produce your own music as well. Picking up a copy of Cubase in 2013 saw the DJing take a backseat for a few years while he honed his skills in the studio and found his ‘sound’.

Fast forward to the present day and his tracks have slowly begun gaining recognition with both fans and producers alike, particularly in the underground free party scene where the greatest synergy with his style seems to lie. Having already gained release on labels such as Country Club Recordings and GT Digital this is only the beginning; there is plenty more to come on the production front as he continues to develop his sound.

Josh’s goal is to continually pump fresh new music into the scene to help it get back to the former glory of its heyday where it all began..

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